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The history of the Crimson Blade dates back to the year 2006. While playing Disney's (PoTCO) Pirates of the Caribbean Online game as Beta Testers. Jim Bluesteel and Goldskull merged their two very powerful clans in April 2006 to form the Cuban Gang clan. We were called the Cuban Gang because it was the Island of Cuba and it's waters that we called home, which was the home for the treasure fleets. During that Summer Ninja Shark joined our ranks, which he quickly rose to the position of Third Officer. Shortly after the game went live in the fall of 2006 many of us moved on In the search for a new challenge.

We soon found our new challenge and the Cuban Gang was sailing the Seven Seas on Voyage Century On-line. Soon the Cuban Gang a clan force to be reckoned with Jim Bluesteel negotiated another merger with another leader, "Daddy86" also known as "Mark Dutchy".

Again ready for a new challenge in August 2007 a few of us came over to PoTBS as Beta Testers and joined the strongest society in the game. Learning the ropes from the British society "Lords of the burning sea". When the game became live in January 2008 six members drafted Jim Bluesteel to form a new Pirate Society. These seven founders are: Jim Blusteel, Mark Dutchy, Kaibee,  Ninja Shark, Goldskull, Nasty Salty, and Stephan Lawarie.

Crimson Blade and Crimson Bastards was sailing these seas on four different servers. Antigua, Blackbeard, Rackem, and Roberts. We have been sailing as British, Pirates, French, Pirates and now again as British. We as pirates helped our Brethren win the Conquest Map. We became famous as a PvP and Port Battle Society.

Then in being bored and upset with Sony we were ready for a new challenge we all moved on as Beta Testers in (WoT) World of Tanks. We grew so large that we had CB, CB2, CB3 and CB4 with 100 members in each. Then some of us became Riven in tanks.

When Sony sold Pirates of the burning Sea to the original Development Team Many of us were very excited, hence that is why we are here sailing the seas again.

Well we are always looking for the latest and greatest in the MMO Gaming World. That game now in Open Beta is WAR THUNDER. At the moment it has WWII Tanks and Planes. But soon enough we will be able to sail the seas again in WWII Battleships. Another game we are watching out for is in Closed Beta is: Naval Action. To find our Clan THE CRIMSON BLADE in War Thunder, just look under the menu tab then look for Squadrons, then Search for TCB = "The Crimson Blade" and click to join.

By: Jim Bluesteel

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